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Full Stack Web EngineerSenior Android EngineerHead of Community

About Podz

We are a small, passionate team of entrepreneurs, engineers and designers. Together, we’ve created products used by millions of people with experience inside Internet stalwarts and a variety of leading startups. The last company we built together, Qwiki (Winner - TechCrunch Disrupt, Apple's "Best of...", Webby Honoree, Time's "Top 10 Startups", etc.), pioneered the automatic creation of video for web & mobile and was acquired by Yahoo!

This Fall, our team will ship an iOS app that we believe solves the problem of podcast discovery and provides tools to amplify a new generation of voices. Our plan is to make audio a first-class citizen of the Internet competitive with snackable social content. We are backed by leading early stage investors, have a healthy runway, a fully remote operation, and a mighty mission.

Prior to launch, we are completing assembly of our core team with key hires to build out our B/E and web tooling, port the experience to Android, and coordinate outreach to the podcasting community. We’re an international crew based on EST. Our working style is largely self-directed. We value diversity of opinion and experience: different perspectives are critical to building a successful, global product and organization. It’s a fun, intense culture that demands and delivers excellence.

So if you want to work diligently to build something meaningful and learn a lot along the way, get in touch careers@podz-inc.com

Full Stack Web Engineer

You are a seasoned web engineer who will work closely with our CTO to architect and deploy a high performance web application that powers our product’s web request tier and media ingestion engine, owning the product end-to-end. This includes the browser presentation layer. You will lead the launch of this toolset, helping evolve our existing product and architecture by working with our founders to improve operations, scope product requirements, and implement new features and functionality.

The position requires high-end engineering skills and experience in a Python (Python-Flask), Linux, and MongoDB stack, alongside pixel-perfect CSS, React and Javascript skills. You will need familiarity with the Amazon AWS suite of products including CloudFront, SNS, Lambda, Route5, S3, EC2, and the Python boto3 client SDK. Your product will power the ingestion and presentation of tens of thousands of audio sources daily.


• 2+ years experience with front-end development including CSS, Javascript and React (Web & Native)

• 2+ years of high-performance Python coding with experience in Python web frameworks and REST (Python-Flask), and interfacing with Amazon AWS services

• 2+ years experience with MongoDB, with replication and sharding.

• 2+ years experience deploying and scaling infrastructure on Amazon AWS

• Experience with Linux/Unix and scripting languages like Python, Perl, shell scripting, etc.

• Bachelor’s degree in CS - or you are an autodidact and can convince us that degrees don’t matter

• A track record of successful product execution and collaborative teamwork

Apply by contacting careers@podz-inc.com

Senior Android Engineer

You are an Android specialist who can make an intricate, lovingly designed UX shine. You'll lead the launch of our consumer app on Android, working with our founders to build up our Android practice (including QA and version submission processes), scope product requirements, and implement new features and functionality.

You'll work closely with the Head of Design to translate our world-class iOS experience to Android where it's appropriate, and collaborate on alternatives where it's not. Ideally this means leveraging your unique knowledge of the Android developer ecosystem and years of experience to extend the product in ways we couldn’t have imagined. This is an opportunity to own an entire product line from the bottom up.


• Several well-rated Android apps we can see and feel, live in the Google Play store

• Intentional familiarity with the current tools and techniques of the Android ecosystem (you can tell us why you do or don't like MVVM, Clean Architecture, Jetpack, etc.)

• A track record of successful product execution and collaborative teamwork

• A solid and intentional software design methodology of your choice

• A plan to create and maintain a suite of automated tests and QA procedures to ensure backwards-compatibility

• A bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree in CS (or you are an autodidact and can convince us that degrees don't matter)

Apply by contacting careers@podz-inc.com

Head of Community

You believe in the power of voice: to entertain, inform and so much more. You are the go-to source for podcast recommendations among friends and family and dream of empowering millions of niche creators. It is your desire to build a platform that encourages sharing through deep and thoughtful conversation - and you can’t wait to make thousands of new friends along the way.

Every day, you will be responsible for growing our creator base, so it’s helpful to have prior experience managing creative communities from scratch. You should come prepared with a perspective on the types of content and talk show formats that will succeed in the current climate and a perspective on who our audience of audio creators are: where they hang out online, offline, and the best ways to reach them. You should also have your finger on the pulse of global culture, a ready-to-go assortment of memes for our Slack, and a willingness to work tirelessly to pioneer an entirely new format.

You know enough about audio to understand why the format needs to be reinvented - and are prepared to do the work required to do so.


• Ability to work in a fast-paced, self directed startup alongside seasoned leadership

• High-level written communication skills, especially important in a remote work environment

• Existing podcast or social audio presence; extra credit for podcast production chops

• 2+ years of experience managing upstart brand voice and presence on Twitter, Snap & Instagram

• 2+ years of community and/or social media management experience with demonstrated engagement metrics

• A track record of successful collaborative teamwork and a portfolio of ebullient references

• Liberal arts degree from 4-year college preferred (or, stories of the wild travels you enjoyed by skipping college altogether)

Apply by contacting careers@podz-inc.com